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The Counting House, Mornington

The Counting House, Mornington

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From bank to bar! Now a popular bar and grill, The Counting House was first constructed in 1912 as a State Savings Bank. Constructed by Mr JC Caudwell for £939, this bank was the key financer of the Peninsula’s farmers. Since then it has served as an accountancy firm, police station and teahouse.


Owners, Kevin Ko, Arbel el Sharafy and Jana Lipold, took great care to restore this building to its former glory. “It has such a wonderful history with the old vault we use for storage. The steel vault door is so heavy and we had to get new keys especially made for it,” said Jana in an interview with Melissa Walsh of Peninsula Essence. “I love that the main inside dining area was a bank with the original front door, and the rest of the house the family quarters”.


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