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I'm a watercolour artist, based in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, and formerly Newtown, New South Wales.

Inspired by the vedute, or view-paintings, of the eighteenth century, I get my audience to look twice at local spots by illuminating their past and present in a moment of wonder. My watercolours capture light and shade, colour, symmetry and movement in the built and natural environment without letting go of inconspicuous details.


I take photographs to capture the light and shade, colour, symmetry, or movement of the world around me and then extend my enjoyment of my moment of wonder by painting it.

I also enjoy painting commissioned pieces that capture the wonderful people, pets and places that brighten your life. 

I have a bachelor in Visual Arts from Monash University in Melbourne. More recently I have learnt under two incredible watercolour artists at ArtEst art school in Sydney: Carla Hananiah and Tanya Baily. I have also attended Alvaro Castagnet's workshop run by Cilla Campbell. I am a volunteer at Oakhill Gallery in Mornington.

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